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Children’s Rights at a Cross-Roads: A Global Conference
Date:January 29th, 2009

Children’s Rights at a Cross-Roads is a global event organized by the Childwatch International Research Network, The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) and the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, in collaboration with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty and others. The main objective of the conference will be the promotion of a framework for the global collaborative development of a knowledge base for the realization of children’s rights.

The conference will be an arena for reflection and dialogue across professions and disciplines. Policy makers, researchers, young people and practitioners are invited to present their
experiences and ideas and to analyze and discuss the role of research in the development of policies and practices that safeguard children’s rights.

The objectives of the conference are to:

  • Identify strategic dimensions of a research agenda for the realization of the rights of the child and aspirations embedded in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • Establish a framework for collaboration between policy makers, practitioners and academics for the improved use of research in the implementation and monitoring of child rights.
  • Develop models and mechanisms for collaboration with young people in the design and development of participatory research and child-led research initiatives. 

For more information please download the attached flyer below.



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