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Brunel University, MSc, PhD Cross Cultural Studies of Children. Child Development and Youth

The University of Liverpool, MA, Children, Policy, Practice and Law

The University of Liverpool, MPhil, PhD, Childhood and Youth

Brock University, Canada, BA, BEd, MA, Child and Youth Studies

The Open University, BA, Childhood and Youth Studies

Carleton University, Canada. Child Studies

The University of Tennesseee, BA, MA, PhD, Child and Family Studies

Plymouth State University, BA, Childhood Studies, Early Childhood Studies

University of Auckland, New Zealand, Diploma, Youth Studies

Victoria University, BA, Youth Studies

The University of Melbourne, MA, Master of Youth Health and Education Management

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, BA, Youth Studies;ID=BP191

Australian Catholic University, MA, Diploma, Certificate, Youth Studies

College of Human Sciences, US, BA, MA, PhD, Family and Child Sciences

Leeds Metropolitan University, BA, MA, Childhood Studies ance=1

Leeds Metropolitan University, BA Community and Youth

Hampshire College, Childhood Studies

University College Chichester, BA Childhood, Youth and Society

Rutgers University,Department of Childhood Studies  

University of Sheffield,Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth


PATHWAYS Programme, Institute of Education, University of London

Brandeis University, The Family and Child Policy Center

Brunel University, Centre for Child-Focused Anthropological Research

University of Cape Town, The Children s Institute

University of Cambridge,Center for Family Research

University of Colombo,Sri Lanka,The National Education Research and Evaluation Centre (NEREC)

University of Copenhagen,Center for Youth and Media Studies

Case Western Reserve University,Schubert Center for Child Development

Columbia University,Center for Children and Families

Columbia University,Institute for Child and Family Policy

The Clearinghouse on International Developments in Child, Youth and Family Policies at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY

Columbia University,National Center for Children in Poverty

University of Gent,Children s Rights Center

Georgetown University,Center for Child and Human Development

Georgetown University,National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health

University of Glasgow,Youth,Education and Employment Research Unit

Harvard University,Harvard s Children s Initiative

Harvard University,Harvard Family Research Project

Johns Hopkins University,Welfare, Children, and Families

Indiana University at Bloomington, Center for Adolescent Studies

Leeds University,The Centre for Research on Family, Kinship and Childhood

Mahidol University, Bangkok,National Institute for Child and Family Development

University of Michigan,Child Development Supplement to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics,Institute of Social Research

Norwegian University of Science and Technology,The Norwegian Center for Child Research (NOSEB)

Princeton University,Center for Research on Child Well Being

Stanford University,Stanford Center on Adolescence

Trinity College Dublin, Children s Research Centre

University of California at Berkeley,Center for Child and Youth Policy

University of California at Santa Cruz,Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence

University of Chicago,Chapin Hall Center for Children

University of Florida,Center for Children s Literature and Culture

University of Iowa,National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice

University of London,Programme on International Rights of the Child

University of Maryland,Collaborative Center for Child Well-being

University of Nebraska - Lincoln,The Center on Children, Families and the Law

University of New Hampshire at Durham,Family Research Laboratory

University of Northern Iowa,National Coalition for Campus Children s Centers

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center

University of Otago,New Zealand,Children s Issues Centre

Penn State University,Children,Youth and Families Consortium

University of Pennsylvania,National Center on Fathers and Families

Queen s University,Institute of Child Care Research

Rutgers University,Center for Children and Childhood Studies

University of Sheffield,Center for the Study of Childhood and Youth

University of South Carolina,The Center for Child and Family Studies

Tata Institute of Social Sciences,Unit for Child and Youth Research

University of Virginia,Center for Children, Families and Law

Yale University,School of the 21st Century

Center for Research in Young People s Texts and Cultures


Amnesty International

Anti-Slavery International

Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)

Children Now

Children s Defense Fund

Children s House in Cyberspace

Childwatch International

Defence of Children International

Human Rights Internet

International Children s Center

Innocenti Research Centre

Radda Barnen


H-Childhood: History of Childhood and Youth Electronic Network

International Council on National Youth Policy (ICNYP)
The International Centre for Child and Youth Studies (ICCYS)


EURONET: The European Children s Network

European Center

European Network of Ombudsmen for Children

Save the Children UK



Center for Child Development, Hong Kong

Child Research Net


Institute of Labour and Family Research, Bratislava Slovakia

The Catalan Interdisciplinary Research Network on Children s Rights and Children s Quality of Life, Girona Spain

Childhood and Youth Programme, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Vienna Austria C+Youth+%26+Families

UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, Florence Italy

Foundation of the Child and the Family, Greece

International Center for Child and Youth Studies


European Knolwedge Centre for Youth Policy

Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP)

YOUTH programme

Cost Action A19 on Children s Welfare in aging Europe (2001-2006)

ChildONEurope: European Network of National Observatories on Childhood

Child Center for Children at Risk in the Baltic Sea Region 

European Children s Network (Euronet)

Latin America and the Caribbean

Center for Research on Childhood (CIESPI), Brazil

Research Program on Infancy and Childhood, Mexico

North Africa and the Middle East

Centre for Children and Youth, JDC Brookdale Institute, Israel 4D35C8F9D%7D

Child Research Unit, Center for Development in Primary Health Care, Al Quds University, Palestine

Information and Research Centre, King Hussain Foundation, Amman Jordan

The Institute of Post Graduate Childhood Studies, Ain Shams University

North America

Canadian Institute of Child Health, Ottawa Canada

Children s Environments Research Group, The City University of New York

Institute for Family and Neighborhood Life, Clemson University, South Carolina\

The Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development, Canada

Family Life Development Centre, Cornell University, New York

Institute for Child Rights and Development, Center for Global Studies, University of Victoria

Child and Family,Canada

Offord Center for Child Studies

Child Trends

Johns Hopkins University

The Pacific Region

Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University


Childwatch International Research Network


International Sociological Association: Research Committee

Society for Research in Child Development

International Sociological Association: Research Committee on Sociology of Childhood, RC53

Children, Youth and Family Consortium

ISA Research committee on Youth

Research Committee on Sociology of Childhood RC53


MAGIC: Media Activities and Good Ideas by, with and for Children


Children’s House

Materials for the Study of Childhood

CERUK database

UNICEF Key findings,2007

The Clearinghouse on International Developments in Child, Youth and Family Policies

International Society for Child Indicators (ISCI)


The Ministerial meeting which gave priority to work on child wellbeing,2865,en_21571361_34360727_1_1_1_1_1,00.html

Work on intergenerational transmission of advantage and disadvantage

The life course and social policy,2340,en_2649_33933_38613594_1_1_1_1,00.html

Online database on families,2340,en_2649_34819_37836996_1_1_1_1,00.html

Child poverty -trends, causes and policy responses

Luxembourg Income Study

Convention on the Rights of the Child     

HandsOnScotland Toolkit 


Children, Youth and Environments

International Journal of Child Rights and Research (IJCRR)

Child Abuse and Neglect 7lJournal.htm

Child: Care, health and Development

Child Development

Child Development Abstracts & Bibliography

Child Maltreatment

Child Welfare Review


Childhood Education

Children & Society

Children s Health Care

Early Child Development and Care

Family Matters

The Future of Children

H-Childhood, History of Childhood & Youth

Journal of Adolescence escription

Journal of Adolescence and Adult Literacy

Journal of Adolescent Research

Journal of Child & Family Studies

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

Journal of Early Adolescence

Journal of Research in Childhood Education

Online Journal of Urban Youth Culture

Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures


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